Skin Repair Beauty Essence for Oily & Dehydrated skin

Contain: 50ml


Product details:

Skin Repair Beauty Essence for Oily & Dehydrated skin

A unique complex of premium quality essential oils and aromatic extracts to regulate the activity of the skin sebaceous glands.

This extract restores the balance of oily skin, reduces pores, moisturizes and regenerates devitalized skin.

SKIN REPAIR BEAUTY ESSENCE contains a high concentration of active ingredients and 100% pure essential oils so that restored skin becomes radiant and vital with a feeling of freshness thanks to the fruity and green aromas that will be with you all day long.


For all types of skin and rather oily and dehydrated due to hormonal changes or resulting from acne extreme dryness.


After wetting your hands with running water, place in the palms of your hands,

3-5 drops of extract. The extract will warm a bit in your hands. Gently breathe the aroma and apply in circular light movements on the facial skin. Avoid the eye contour.

Complementary product:

Apply moisturizing gel or Booster Hydra Gel of Inès la Pharmacienne on the beauty extract.


A unique complex based on essential oils, Shea butter, vitamin E oil, 100% pure aromatic extracts, ylang-ylang, sandalwood essential oil and Petitgrain, Litsea.

When using this product, do not expose to direct sunlight.

Contains 50 ml. Approved by the Ministry of Health



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