Skin Repair Beauty Essence for Dry&Dehydrated Skin

Contain: 50ml

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Product details:


Rejuvenating Beauty Essence for dehydrated dry skin.

An exceptional preparation made of plant extracts and very concentrate Shea butter oil and Vitamin E designed to regenerate dry and very dry skin.

The extract was developed in order to help the dry skin to regain a good level of hydration, restore its elasticity and suppleness affected by hormonal or extreme climate changes. This beauty care aromatic extract is very soothing for the body and mind with its fresh scents of nature and green fields. Already upon first use, the skin becomes radiant, illuminated, fresh and vital.


For all types of skin, especially dry and dehydrated skin, delicate skin, irritated or sensitive skin.


After wetting your hands with running water, place in the palms of your hands,

3-5 drops of extract to regenerate dry skin. The extract will warm a bit in your hands. Gently breathe the aroma and apply on the facial skin. Lips and neck can also enjoy a light massage with this remarkable essence. Avoid the eyes area.’

Complementary product:

Apply a rich moisturizer or Hydra Gel or both types of moisturizers of Inès la Pharmacienne, on the SKIN REPAIR BEAUTY ESSENCE.

The principle of synergy is operating intensely especially on the basis of these wise aromatic essences formulas.


A unique complex based on essential oils, Shea butter essence, hazelnut and vitamin E oil in high concentrations, 100% pure aromatic extracts, lavender, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang and more.

When using the Beauty Extract for dry and very dry skin, do not expose to direct sunlight.

Contains 50 ml. Approved by the Ministry of Health



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