Hydra Gel

Contain: 50ml


Product details:

Magic moisturizing Gel! Concentrated and rich with moisturizing elements.

Hydra Gel helps the skin to strengthen it supple elastic support from the first use. Excellent for treating very dry skin, or either irritated or exposed to sunlight. Relieves cracks, wounds and burns.

Hydra Gel offers charming scents of jasmine, rose, aromatic 100% pure extracts while immediately rejuvenating your skin. The natural components of Hydra Gel operates instantly on the body and mind and creates a feeling of well-being, a sensation of balance and firming of the skin. Hydra Gel is a wonderful remedy that you won’t forget!


Designed for all types of skin.

And for those who do not like to feel greasy and shiny in summer.

For children – It is recommended to apply on irritated skin, insect bites or irritations.

For men – Also suitable as an after-shave balm.


Apply on a clean, dry skin whenever necessary either on mornings, noon or evenings

Hydra Gel can be used as a “solo” product but it is recommended to use with a complementary product

Complementary product:

Generally before applying Hydra Gel, it would be advisable to apply a complementary product for dry skin.

It is recommended to apply a repairing essential oil according to your skin type. (Skin Beauty Repair) before using Hydra Gel in order to get a nice and smooth supple skin.

Apply also Moisturizing Gel Booster after applying Hydra Gel for a perfect result.


Contains a rare complex of essential oils and 100%pure aromatic extracts for a soothing moistening action such as blends of jasmine, rose and more.

Hydra Gel contains 83.41% organic ingredients!

Contains 50 ml. Approved by the Ministry of Health



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