Eye Contour Gel

Contain: 20ml


Product details:

Eye Contour Gel

Unique and exceptional premium quality formula based on Gel texture herbal ingredients moist accelerators.

The EYE CONTOUR GEL CREAM – soothes eyes dark circles and puffiness caused by fatigue. The product, in spite of its light texture, nourishes the eye contour restores the skin and gives the skin a sensation of radiance and freshness while moisturizing.


For all types of skin. To be used anytime. Designed especially for tired eyes, burning sensation, swollen and dried eyelids. Very beneficial treatment for irritations caused by allergies and in cases of external eye redness or dryness.


Apply on the contour of the eye, including the upper eyelid. It can be used anytime and over the makeup as well. Does not affect the makeup. Softens the texture and condition of the skin.

The product must be kept in the refrigerator – the cool gel whichis applied around the eye has a very relaxing effect just like a cold compress. Highly recommended.


Contains a blend of moist accelerating elements, essential oils and pure vitamin E and 100% pure aromatic elements such – rose, jasmine and chamomile.

The EYE CONTOUR GEL CREAM contains 83.41% organic ingredients!

Contains 15 ml. Approved by the Ministry of Health



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